1P-LSD is yet another research chemical being worked upon to avoid the rug laws and is marketed as a legal high in the recreational drug market. This also means that 1P-LSD still has no history of human use!

Subjective Effects of 1P-LSD

1P-LSD consumption allows the user to experience a range of symptoms as follows:

Physical symptoms

Along with physical euphoria, 1P-LSD acts on serotonin receptors to enhance sensations of touch, blood pressure and enhance stamina. It also transforms one’s perception to produce effects like time distortion.

Cognitive symptoms

1P-LSD produces effects on higher mental status and function. The ability to analyze and introspect increases. There users experience enhanced ability to focus on their target, express emotions and suggest new ideas. This legal high also increases libido and enhances sexual pleasure.

Visual symptoms

Studies tell that 1P-LSD has the ability to enhance one’s visual acquity, ability to perceive and differentiate colors and appreciate minor details like shifts in colors and tints. However, there are some undesirable effects ad well which include distortion of images and impaired perception of depth.

Auditory symptoms

Enhanced auditory experiences, auditory hallucinations, and auditory distortion are also attributed to the use of 1P-LSD.


At low to moderate doses, 1P-LSD is safe to use because it has a better tolerability as minimal toxicity at these doses. However, since it is a neuro-modulator, there is still a moderate risk of unwanted effects at lower doses in those with any underlying mental disorder. The possible toxic effects of this legal stimulant include:


Although the toxic dose of 1P-LSD is not known, the possible adverse psychological reactions associated with its higher doses include seizures, delusions, and anxiety. If you experience such symptoms, use benziodiazepenes to neutralize them.


Being a research chemical, no formal studies have yet been carried out to study the dependence of 1P-LSD. However, being a derivative of LSD, it is assumed that 1P-LSD shares these properties with it.

Studies tell that immediately after the consumption of 1P-LSD, the user becomes tolerant to its effects  It means that you’ll need higher doses next time to experience similar effects. It takes about 24 hours to bring this tolerance back to baseline. The half life of 1P-LSD is approximately 14-15 hours.

Dangerous drug Interactions

Being a pro-drug for LSD, it is assumed that 1P-LSD will have drug interactions similar to that of LSD. The drugs with which these interactions are most likely to occur include analgesics like tramadol and stimulants like cannabis.

There might be more interactions that are still not known because of this drug being a research chemical.

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